August 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Jabulani,

Greetings from Zimbabwe, the cold weather has gone and its hot every day now….beautiful! We thank God for His help for our children in their mid term exams, their reports from school are very good and if we can get Joseph to concentrate more and Daniel and Blessing to go a wee bit faster everyone will be happy! All did very well and their teachers are pleased with their progress and behaviour. Thank you for your love and concern for our dear children it means the world to us and them.

We want to thank everyone for your prayers for little Ruth, the folks who want to foster her and possibly adopt visited us a few weeks ago and after discussion with us, them and the authorities Ruth went to stay with the couple for a few weeks during our school holidays. These folks are committed Christians and actually called us today so Ruth could talk to us, she seems as she returned from Church, we all miss Ruth very much but today in our Church the speaker says we must be ready to submit to Gods will at all times and we believe this was a word for us. So while we would love Ruth to come back to us and never go away again , we submit to Gods will, this has been very difficult for us and the staff at Jabulani, please continue to pray for everyone in this situation. Thank you in Jesus Name.

We are on school holiday until 6 September and everyone is enjoying the break, trampolines, bikes, skipping, running, soccer and general rest have been the order of the day, throw in a visit to the movies and pizza and a few dvd popcorn nights and everyone is smiling! All 11 of our kids attended a Holiday Bible Club last week i.e. VBS and had a great time learning more from Gods Word, what a blessing! Darren,Mandy and our grandchildren have visited agin for 6 weeks and we had a wonderful time, we have had a number of friends visiting from England also. We thank God for Cece Mason from California, Emma Badger from Northern Ireland and Beth Anne Andrews from England who have been working at Jabulani and have done a wonderful job loving and helping our dear children, may god bless them mightily for their service!

Kuda and Daniel are really enjoying their new chairs and we have found a new physio who has helped us get up and running with the new standing frame and adapted the chairs to help the kids be very comfortable and relaxed, this has been a tremendous blessing to the children and staff, praise God!

We celebrated Josephs 7th birthday this week and he is a very happy boy, we have Faith turning 5 in Sept and the days are flying past. Please pray as we organize the small girls new school for 2017, all 6 are due to start ECD and they are very excited and keen to go! They have started swimming lessons and while the water is still very cold they are getting in….which is the main thing!

We thank God for all you dear friends, please pray for us that God will help us make right and good decisions in every aspect of our lives, we look to God the Captain of our salvation to guide and direct us! We are praying for YOU…thank you for your prayers, financial support and love, you mean everything to us.

In Christ Jesus, 
Alan and Dorothy and everyone at Jabulani