Winter is ending

Thank you for your love, prayers and support for all that is going on at Jabulani, the winter is here...July is generally our coldest month ...but everyone has been good except for a few colds and coughs, thank the Lord for good health!

Everyone has been gearing up for the Presidential elections and we eagerly await the result. Zimbabwe is a very difficult place to live, there is no cash money available anywhere, the bank gives $20 per week and that is in local coins sometimes or local bond notes....US$ are a rare commodity and seldom seen.... we pray the new President whoever that might be will usher in a turnaround in our economy, investment from outside, new jobs for the 90%+ unemployed and a hope for the future of our children, please pray God will help us.

We have had 3 birthdays this month, Grace is now 10...Daniel is 9 and our baby Abigail is 6, it’s unbelievable , the years are flying by. All the children are growing and developing very quickly, they generally get on very well with each other and we thank God for His hand upon each of their lives.

They all attend a Bible club called Awana every Friday night and really enjoy the fun and learning Bible verses, this is the highlight of their week! As we told you last month Shelter is leaving this month and moving to South Africa and Mel will be our Home Manager, ( she had a big birthday this month ) she is very able and capable, she loves the children and us and is a great driver, we thank God for her abilities and hard work....she had her 30th birthday this month and it’s amazing to see her at Jabulani so happy, we first met her and paid her school fees almost 20 years ago!

Please pray for wisdom and God’s anointing upon Mel as she leads Jabulani, especially when we are overseas.

We are re-employing Debra who worked with us a few years ago and she will be doing some of Shelter's work and taking up any slack, she is another young lady we helped through school starting 20 years ago.

Our chicken project is going well we have lots of eggs every day and the children are enjoying eating them! All the children did well in school exams, Abigail, Sarah and Esther came in 1st, 2nd & 3rd in their class and nearly all the others gained better results, thank you for your prayers.

Please pray the final term starting on 5 Sept will be a great Summer term and that the children will thrive and enjoy learning. Please pray for Sara and Beth Anne who are traveling from USA and England to work at Jabulani, God bless them mightily!

May God bless each and every one of you, we thank the Lord for you standing with us , we covet your prayers and support.

With much love, Alan and Dorothy