Greetings from a hot and summery Zimbabwe!

We thank God for all the love, prayers, support and concern shown to us by so many of you during the past month, it has been a difficult and traumatic time but the Lord has answered your prayers and we are all safe, secure and blessed in His care.

After experiencing fuel shortages leading to us queuing up to 12 hours a day we then had a huge fuel price increase giving us the most expensive fuel in the world at US$15 a gallon causing protests in the streets, the internet was closed down countrywide and there was chaos in the cities but we thank God for His hand upon us.
The schools were closed for over a week and the children had a great time, we now have an abundance of fuel...but at a price! Thank God for His protecting hand.

The children started back to school in early January but we felt they were not enjoying the lessons and there was a lack of sports and various other little things that caused us some concern. After speaking with our Jabulani board we decided to look for an alternative option and God in a miraculous and wonderful way opened the door into Maranatha Christian PS just a short way from our home. Praise the Lord!

I have taught God’s Word in this school since it opened 10 years ago and the family who own the school have given all 11 of our children a great scholarship and they started last Monday. There is also a school bus which transports them to and from school, lots of sports opportunities and a great Christian ethos! Praise God for His grace and favour. Please pray the children settle quickly and make new friends, adapt to a whole new system and enjoy their school days, especially Grace in Grade 6 who has big exams to prepare for.

Thank you for praying for Ruth, she is a great little character, always smiling and happy even in her pain. She is a sick child who has returned to us in a neglected state but with everyone at Jabulani loving and caring for her she is getting stronger day by day. Ruth has a long road ahead of her before she reaches where she needs to be health wise but with God’s help, good food and much love we believe she will return to the Ruth we all remember before she was taken from us. Please pray as she is in Grade 2 with her sisters but some way behind them academically. We believe she will catch up and do well as she was always a bright little child.

We thank God for the our Manager Mel and the staff at Jabulani who went above and beyond in their care of Ruth and our other children while we were overseas. Their love and desire for our children to succeed in every area of their lives fills us with joy and they are God's blessing to us and the family here at Jabulani.

Please be assured of our love and prayers for you all, to know we have friends throughout the world who love us and our children gives us great joy and comfort. We thank our God upon every remembrance of you and pray His abundant blessing in every area of your lives, much love from us.