July at Jabulani

Dear Friends of Jabulani,

Greetings from darkest Africa! Yes it is dark!
We are now surviving on electricity which is only available from 10-30pm til 4am ...it is a very difficult situation to say the least! When there are 13 children with all their assorted school uniforms and daily clothes to wash, dry and then iron it means our fantastic staff are working many hours of the night as well as all of us rising at 5am in the dark to get ready for the day ahead!
Please pray the whole power situation will get back to normality soon...although there doesn’t seem to be a plan at present to fix it! We have a generator and are running it morning and night to try and help the situation, fuel has just risen to $7.33 a litre so it is costing a fortune BUT GOD is a very present help in times of trouble...our eyes are onto Him! He will not fail us!

Inflation is also rising rapidly, at present 176% annually but rising monthly. Foodstuffs are still going up in price on a weekly basis. We are still shopping in South Africa and God has been very kind to us, it’s a very challenging environment to live in but our faith levels are high and our God will not fail us. Thank you for those friends who are praying for us in these times, we have certainly felt your love and seen God’s answers in amazing ways. One such answer is in the provision of Zimbabwean passports for our oldest schoolchildren. They may have opportunities to travel with their school on education and sporting trips so we applied for 5 passports but were told that we should return at the end of 2020 as there was no paper to print them! But praise God we received a call 3 months later to say we must collect them, really an amazing answer to prayer as this helps our children with citizenship for their future.

The ‘big 5’ performed two poems at the annual Harare Arts Festival and gained an honors award while being commended for their diction, dance and general performance. We are very proud of them. Grace has finished first in class and will be receiving a prize. She has done very well in her hockey team also. Blessing is also a star of her hockey team while Hope is scoring points at netball and our boys Daniel and Joseph are enjoying playing for the school soccer team. It’s busy most Saturdays as you can imagine!

July saw Grace turn 11 years old, Daniel 10 years and Abigail 7, we had a great party with a wonderful cake and chicken and chips and some friends from school attending. The children also enjoyed their presents some of which were sent from overseas. Thank you dear friends for your love for our precious children.

You can see Kuda and Joshua really enjoying their new chairs from 'Norn Iron' (Northern Ireland), these are a tremendous blessing and many thanks to those friends who were involved in the purchase and transport .

We had my daughter Mandy, and grandchildren Daniel and Lois with us for almost 4 weeks and really enjoyed the time together. Daniel and I went on a missions trip deep into the bush, we had a 12 hour drive and were involved in medical clinic, food distribution and preaching the Word of God! It was an amazing time and we pray God has helped Daniel, who has a real heart for Zimbabwe, some things which will help form his future.

We are really missing Mandy. It’s quite lonely without her. Dorothy and Mel, our manager at Jabulani along with myself are traveling to Victoria Falls with Grace, Blessing, Hope, Daniel and Joseph during the school holidays and everyone is excited about the adventure. We thank God for every one of you friends, who pray, love and support our Jabulani children.

May God’s blessings be upon your life each and every day and may His presence be very real to you.
We love and thank God for you.