November Update


We send you love from a hot and sticky Zimbabwe! The Summer is here in full force and temps are around 32-35c most days (90f+). We have had a little rain already and expect a lot more before Christmas.

We have returned to Jabulani after celebrating Alan’s 65th birthday 🎂 Northern Ireland and then on to USA where we had a wonderful time preaching and raising funds and support for Jabulani in Texas and California. God is so faithful and we are grateful to everyone who has given and donated which enables us to keep Jabulani up and running.

Kuda had her 10 birthday and it is amazing to see our special child continue to grow, especially since we were told by doctors when we found her at 2 months old that she would be dead inside 3 weeks! She is generally a happy and contented girl who eats well and is free from sickness and things associated to her cerebral palsy. How we thank God for having Kuda in our lives all these years.

All the other children continue at school and our ‘Big 5 ‘ Grace, Blessing, Hope, Daniel and Joseph have done well this term. They are finishing exams and are all very happy while the small girls are very excited to be starting Grade 1 in the New Year! 
Thank you for praying for Daniel, his behavior has improved immensely and we are all enjoying a peaceful time with him, please continue to pray for him. 

I am sure you have seen the news about our new President here in Zimbabwe. Everyone in the nation is hoping and believing for a great change to take place which will enable people to enjoy life rather than endure it! 
We have 95% unemployment and inflation is rising. There is no money in the banks and food is doubling in price. We pray God will raise up leaders who will bring Zimbabwe close to Himself and lead in a godly manner for ALL the people!

Thank you to everyone who prayed as we travelled home. We are safe in our little 2 room apartment at Jabulani. Life has changed for Dorothy and I but we are very happy and contented and eagerly expectant that God has much more for us to do in His Kingdom. Please pray for our health and strength that God will equip us for the days ahead!

Thanks for all your prayers and support, we can’t do this without YOU!
We are praying God's blessing on you all.

In Christ Alone,

Alan and Dorothy