June Update from Zim


Greetings from Zimbabwe! Winter has arrived! Crisp, fresh mornings and hot afternoons before the temp drops to around 9c at night, the children have all returned to school for 2nd term and have settled in wonderfully well.

All our Jabulani children are in great health and enjoying learning, our 5 oldest are having extra Shona lessons on Saturday mornings and trying to catch up with the rest of class, its quite difficult for them and they would appreciate your prayers. The 5 small girls have no such problem and are talking away and coping  exceptionally well, their teacher says they are doing great.

The cash crisis continues here in Zimbabwe, only $20 daily in coins at some banks! This causes lots of problems as you can imagine, with buying food at the shops and paying the staff salaries, Dorothy is jumping around and doing a great job, please keep praying that we will continue to stay on top of things and not be overwhelmed as things tighten up in the country. Winter is always a difficult time here with power outages and water problems, our trust is in the Lord!

Hannah celebrated her 5th birthday and we had a lovely party with beautiful cake of course, the big girls, Grace, Blessing and Hope had braid extensions put in their hair while Mum and Dad were away and while we were shocked to see all this hair they look beautiful and feel very grown up, God bless the girls.

Daniel and Joseph continue to challenge us with behavioral problems and we really do need your prayers, they are not bad boys, in fact they are very sweet, but Daniel has a problem with the truth at times and Joseph is getting a wee bit lazy and day dreaming in school, pray they will settle down and become the boys God wants them to be, their teacher says they can do much better in class and while this is a new school etc we believe they can, pray for our boys.

Kuda and Joshua are very happy and relaxed, their exercises each day keep them loose in their joints and they are eating well, Kuda is actually gaining a little weight while Joshua needs to lose some!! but we are so grateful to God for His blessing on their lives and for Kuda, Mel and Shelter who take such good care of these 2 special people!

We have 2 young ladies from Sligo, Fiona and Sarah with us at present and they are doing a great job with the children and staff. We had a visit from Pastor Eric Daniel and his wife Angela from Napa, California who brought some great training courses for the staff to use with the children, they were a tremendous blessing to everyone while they were here.

We have a busy next few months  ahead, with a team from Manteca, California coming in late June, our children Mandy and Gary coming with their families to visit together for the 1st time in July and  we look forward to our 4 grandchildren being with us, pray it will be a great family time of fun and enjoyment together!

Many thanks for all your love , prayers and support,

Alan and Dorothy