July Update


Dear friends of Jabulani, 

Greetings from Zimbabwe! Thank you for your prayers and financial support over the past month, God has been very gracious to us, we have all our needs met and everyone here is happy and well. Praise God!

We have enjoyed celebrating  3 birthdays this past month, Grace turned 9 years old, Daniel 8 and Abigail 5....where have the years gone?! It is unreal, as we look back to when we found Grace and have seen her grow into a beautiful young lady full of life and energy, it just warms our hearts and causes us to praise the Lord! Grace has just returned from her 1st school trip, a 3 day trip to Great Zimbabwe, she had a great time and enjoyed everything! Daniel still needs prayer for his behavior at school and Abigail is just a smiling sweet and gorgeous child, always laughing and having fun, may God bless their lives with health and happiness in the years ahead!

We have just finished school mid term exams and its amazing that all our kids have no nerves or issues surrounding exams...we don't know if thats a good or bad thing hahaha i suppose their results will let us know! They got through them and trust they did ok.

The cash crisis continues here in Zimbabwe, still no money in banks or ATMs people are sleeping outside the banks at night and its cold in this winter season but we have seen an upturn in shop prices as the lack of cash bites everyone on a daily basis! We are so grateful to God for all you dear friends who are supporting us every month, it means so much to us and is the only way we can survive! Your prayers and financial support keeps moving day by day and we pray Gods richest blessing on you all. 

Grace, Blessing, Hope, Daniel and Joseph took part in the Zimbabwe National Arts festival and performed poems in front of a crowd of people and examiners. We are so proud of them, they gained honors and 1st places in their categories and showed little or no nerves. They spoke well and were very excited at their awards! Pizzas were called for in celebration and they polished them of in double quick time! Fully deserved!

Kuda and Joshua continue to enjoy their lives, they are both eating well and are in good health. They are very happy and relaxed, all the family love these 2 special children and enjoy helping them and making them laugh. They also enjoy pushing them around in their special chairs and Sarah and Esther sing to them non stop which brings a smile to everyones faces!

It has been a joy to have our son Gary and his family with us for a few weeks in July for the 1st time and now Mandy and her family are here for 6 weeks, praise God for the joy of family relationships and much love shed abroad in the Holy Ghost! 

Please pray for us as we leave our home of 19 years at the end of August and move up to live at Jabulani. We have started emptying the house and passing a lot of stuff on to friends here in Harare. We are moving from 2 acres to just 2 rooms at Jabulani!!!!  Please pray as we try to adopt to a smaller place and also to having 12 children in our faces 24/7. 
We thank the Lord our house sold to Christian friends who will continue to use it for the Kingdom, we have had a fantastic life in our home, we have seen many people come to Christ and baptized hundreds of people, praise God, He is a wonderful provider!

We will be in Ireland for a few weeks in Sept as a lead up to Alan's 65th birthday and we will be stepping out of CEF on 3rd October but are continuing in the ministry, traveling and preaching and raising funds to secure the future of our Jabulani children God willing. We rejoice in the 33 years of full time ministry with CEF. God is faithful!  We have had a wonderful life reaching millions of children with the Gospel, we have no regrets, we give God all the glory, honor and praise for all HE has done in us, with us and through us! To God be all the glory!

We will be in touch over the next few days about orders for our 2018 Jabulani Calendars. If you are interested in ordering some to support our kids,  just email me with how many you would like to order and your address you need them sent to. Orders are open for 2 more weeks.

Many thanks for all your love , prayers and support,

Alan and Dorothy