Greetings from a hot Zimbabwe

Happy 2018 from Jabulani! we trust you had a great Christmas and the New Year is a blessing to you and not a trial. Please be assured of our prayers for you throughout the year ahead, we are really grateful for your love, prayers and financial support and thank God for each one of you out there in your world!

Our year has started with a bang as we now have 10 KIDS! at Hope Academy PS.
Grace is now in Grade 5, Blessing, Hope, Daniel and Joseph are now in Grade 4 and all have settled in wonderfully well.  
Grace has been given the special job of class monitor and is enjoying the extra responsibility and of course the honor that goes with the job! The 5 small girls Faith, Esther, Sarah, Hannah and Abigail are all together in the same class Grade1B.  Please pray for their teacher!!!
They have all done well since the start of term, they are reading books and writing and doing all the things they should do and their teacher is happy with them. 
May they continue to learn and grow together and enjoy these special days which fly by all too quickly.

Miss Blessing had her 9th birthday last week and is a tall, beautiful, shy child. She enjoyed her party and cake and the games which followed, she is becoming more confident and is doing exceptionally well at school with many friends and still enjoys mothering the small girls of which Esther is her favourite. They are like 2 peas in a pod, going everywhere together and riding their bikes around the Jabulani Campus. Blessing is a real blessing to us all.

All the children have started a Bible Club on Friday nights called AWANA which they all enjoy very much. that are learning scriptures and playing games and just making new friends. This is a very good opportunity for them to practice their people skills and communication and all have really enhanced the Club and the leaders really enjoy their participation at AWANA.

Kuda and Joshua continue to get bigger and louder! They are both eating well and in good health, Joshua is making good use of the pool and he has exercises every day in the water, Kuda is not so keen! she doesn’t like the cold water and screams the place down but is happy to lie in a blow up tyre and be pushed around the pool. God bless these special children, the Aunties who take care of them have so much love and patience for them, it just amazes us. Praise the Lord for Mel and Shelter.

We had a visit from the Kirsty Coventry Foundation ( Kirsty is a multiple Olympic  swimming medal winner from Zimbabwe ) and we hope to open Jabulani to help local children learn to swim along with our own children. This will be a fantastic boost for the whole area here in Marlborough in Harare and of course will enable our children to use the pool more regularly and also more safely. Please pray this will happen.

So please continue to pray for us all, Dorothy and I were blessed with a few days at Victoria Falls which we enjoyed greatly, we are still very involved in mentoring and leading the CEF team here in Harare as well as doing school runs, homework, spelling, math, reading etc.
What a pleasure to serve the Lord and these beautiful children has given to us. You are part of our great team and we love and appreciate you.

With Love from All at Jabulani,

Alan and Dorothy

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