A wet and warm Zimbabwe

Greetings from a wet Zimbabwe, the rains are in full flow causing our roads to be compared to ‘one big pothole’ and making driving conditions very dangerous but we thank God for His protection and for YOUR prayers for us as we move around Harare and back and forth to school 6 times a day!

The 5 little ones in Grade 1 are doing so well, all 5 rise at 5-30am and are ready and excited each day to go to school which is a real blessing. Esther, Sarah and Abigail are very eager to learn, they have read 3 school books already and can spell and count, they really are amazing and joyful. Faith and Hannah are not as quick as the others but are gaining ground in spelling and reading and are on book 2 now. They have some learning challenges but have done very well up to now and we trust that they will grasp all the concepts they are being taught and believe our God will help them. 

I do the reading and spelling homework with all the children in the afternoons and we are amazed at the knowledge and ability of all our children, it is a great privilege to serve them and be so involved in their lives.

Grace is enjoying her job as a monitor and is very focussed on her work, Blessing, Hope, Daniel and Joseph are really enjoying their new teacher and are performing excellently in all areas of their work. At the school sports day they won a few races and enjoyed the competition, everyone did very well. Please pray they will continue to thrive at school and that they would be able to learn the Shona language which is a bigger challenge for the big 5 but not so much for our little ones.

Hope and Esther had birthdays this month (9 years and 6 years ) we had a wonderful day, Hope invited some friends from school for her party and they all wanted to stay at Jabulani saying it was nicer that their homes. It is great to see our children growing and developing, these two are super happy children and thank you to those who sent messages and gifts, God bless you the children were so blessed.

Kuda and Joshua are enjoying good health and peace, they still do not like their daily exercise regime and we have  lots of cries and tears but they are happy and eating well and much loved by everyone at Jabulani, we pray our Lord Jesus will continue to help them day by day, thank you for your prayers for them both. Joshua is really enjoying the pool and is full of laughter as he is splashed and pulled around but Kuda is not too happy in the water!

The children are still enjoying learning scripture at Awana every Friday night and the big 5 are in the school choir, we pray all our children will fall in love with Jesus at a young age, please pray for them.

We are blessed with a wonderful staff here at Jabulani and thank God for the powerful work and the great love they all have for our children, we really could not do this without them. We are all committed to helping our children become all God wants them to be!  

Dorothy and I are happy and really feel blessed in our little apartment here in Jabulani. Dorothy won another marathon race this month and is getting ready to run the 56km Two Oceans Ultra marathon at EASTER in Cape Town...please pray for ME!  😂

Thank you for being part of our great team, we love and appreciate all your love, prayers and financial support...we need you...we thank God for you...we are praying for YOU!