Happy Easter

Greetings from Jabulani, Zimbabwe! We trust you are all doing well, thank you for the many emails telling us you enjoy the updates on our children...this is very encouraging for us!

We have had a great March, all the children are enjoying school and Sarah came 1st in class with Esther and Abigail in 3rd place and Hannah and Faith doing well also. Praise God they love their teacher and enjoy school very much, Sarah has an insatiable appetite for learning and is very creative. Her teacher speaks very highly of her. Esther won some races at the school sports day and Hannah and Abigail were not so very far behind.

We celebrated Sarah’s 6th birthday with a party and special cake, she sang and danced and was so happy with her presents. Thank you to everyone who sent messages and cards, she read them out loud for everyone and was very impressive!

We received an invitation to State House to meet the President of Zimbabwe's wife and share with her about Jabulani. She was very interested in how we do things and has promised to visit us soon. She also donated chickens which have started laying eggs already so we will all have scrambled, boiled, and poached eggs with everything😂😂  The children are all very healthy right now with Kuda and Joshua getting bigger and enjoying their food, we thank God for their health and strength.



Grace came 5th in class this term in Grade 5 and the Grade 4’s were all in the top 10 so everyone was well pleased with their performances and they all want to move up in class. They all leave for school at 6:50 each morning and don’t get home til 4:2pm so it’s a very long day, then homework and dinner and bed. They are all exhausted at the weekends so they are resting up these EASTER holidays.

Dorothy ran a 56k ultra marathon on EASTER Saturday with 11,000 other runners and finished in 5:53 hours for which she was awarded a bronze medal. We are all very proud of her and her bravery and courage to take on these challenges. Praise God for the strength and health we both have.

Please be assured of our prayers and love for you all, we thank God for the part you play in our children’s lives, may God bless you mightily in the days ahead. Thank you for your prayers and financial support, we are needy of them all!

We are traveling to Ireland to preach and fundraise for Jabulani during April and May, we would love to meet you if possible. You can contact us on our email alan@jabukids.com  or on facebook or whatsapp. Looking forward to sharing God’s Word beginning 15 April in CFC Antrim and then Moira Baptist in the evening.