August Update


Greetings from Zimbabwe! Thank you for your prayers and financial support over the past month, God has been very gracious to us, we have all our needs met and everyone here is happy and well. Praise God!

We have been on winter school holidays all this month and enjoyed celebrating Josephs 8th birthday. He is a very sweet and gentle boy and has progressed well at school this year and caught up with everyone else in class. He is a real blessing who gets on well with all his brothers and sisters and friends at school. May God bless Joseph with health and happiness in the years ahead!

We had good results in the end of term exams and everyones results increased slightly while Joseph climbed a good number of places in his class. This has been a good term for the little ones, they are progressing very well with their numbers and letters and their teacher is very pleased with them. They sing going to school and on the way home and are really happy, long may it continue!

Everyone has been riding on 2 wheel bicycles throughout the holidays and are quickly becoming very grown up. The children are out playing in the Jabulani gardens from 8.30am every day right trough to 7pm at night, Their appetites are huge and everyone falls into bed very tired and exhausted.
Dorothy and I have now moved house to live at Jabulani and we thank the Lord for the privilege to be a bigger part of the children lives. All our staff are fantastic with the children and that is the real reason that this special place is full of joy and peace.

Kuda and Joshua continue to grow and are doing well, Kuda has some stomach problems which gives her grief and the only way she can communicate is with crying and tears. The poor child has had a difficult few days this month but is much better now, Praise God. Joshua continues to be settled and is eating well and in good health.

We have had a great Summer with Gary and Mandy and their families with us for 6 weeks. Our grandchildren loved being at Jabulani and were all sad to leave Zimbabwe and head home. It was a very special time for us. We were all out on safari and Noah and Jonah loved seeing the animals, then all the Jabulani kids also went with Mandy and the family for a special day at Lion and Cheetah Park, what a joy to see wild animals!

We are getting ready to return to Northern Ireland next week as we lead up to Alans 65th birthday, we will be at CEF annual meeting inLurgan on 30th September and hope to meet some of you friends there before we step out of full time CEF ministry after 33 years. God is faithful, many of you friends have been faithful with your love, prayers and support also over many years, we are grateful and thank God for you all.

Alan will be preaching in a number of places:

10th September
AM: Malvern Assembly, Belfast
PM: Tansy Mission Hall that evening.

24th September
AM: Megan Memorial, Belfast
PM: Carrickfergus Elim

1st October
AM: Sligo Elim

Our address in Northern Ireland is 20e Old Shore Rd, Carrickfergus. BT38 8TL.
Our new address in Zimbabwe is 1 Elizabeth Windsor Rd, Marlborough, HARARE.

Don’t forget to order our Jabulani 2018 calendars asap..we are giving the printer last orders and need to know how many you want printed.

Many thanks for all your love , prayers and support,

Alan and Dorothy